The 2012 Reunion Comments


WIH: 13 Oct 12

The reunion weekend never disappoints. Kudos to Alex and Don for the excellent arrangements. The DGC is a great venue for our get-together. Friday night is always the highlight and a few came for just that event. Saturday night seems to have evolved into a tacit compromise with a reasonable turnout at the reportedly much improved O.B dinner at the Ambassador, but  many small groups could be found in various restaurants where reservations could still be had.

I must confess that I was taken aback by how much our class had aged in the past five years. Sometimes I feel that I'm the only one getting old. Clearly we've passed our "best before" date, something that is clearly seen in the photos. Eleanor and I are both members of the Comox Valley Camera Club where we're learning to take clear, sharp photos with appropriate depth of field. Perhaps, next time, I should bring an old lens with a good scratch to soften the definition.


W3935 Diana Tremain: 14 Oct 12

What a fine photo gallery of a group of good-looking men! Al Roberts is doing his best to look a bit curmudgeonly?
Wonderful to see -
Best wishes to all,


Sig Carlsen: 15 Oct 12

I don't know how you figure all this technical this stuff out, but I just want you to know that you are doing one hell of a fine job for our class with the Web Site. And of this I am absolutely certain: we all really appreciate and admire what you are doing for our class. That said, and if any of the fellows are daring enough to challenge your infallibility, why not place somewhere in your postings the defiant and time honoured expression: E.O.E. (Google it and you are all over the map; but in legalese it means "errors and omissions excepted") That will buffalo them every time since it is meaningless, sounds mysteriously imposing, and if need be you can also make of it whatever you like! Thus by definition whatever you say, write or post is unfailingly wise and correct.

Sig: No offence, but E.O.E. is lawyerspeak. For me to casually use E.O.E. is akin to you casually referring to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. It won't wash. Bill

 Bill Lynn: 15 Oct 12

Just to let you know, I think you're doin' jes fine (even without family visits and cataract surgery). That Nikon does take fantastic shots - perhaps the cataract surgery helps make you more aware of our maturing features.
Sorry about the software dilemma. I'm still in the dark ages, using Notepad and hoping I expire before it does.
Speaking of the dark ages, we now live in the Centre of the Universe, but fibreoptic is still in the distant future, at least in our area.
Thanks for your continued dedication.

Bill: I hate to admit it but my chaotic filing system was the main culprit. Frontpage would pull the files in from anywhere but Essential Web 4 requires all relevant information to be in the same file or it won't load through Filezilla (file transfer protocol) to the web. Also, fortunately, my right (camera) eye was first to have cataract surgery so I was 20/20 for the reunion shoot. My left eye is not there yet but it continues to improve. Bill


 Earl Schaubel:

Re the next reunion year, I vote for 2017. (Hope to be there!)

Also I would like to suggest a proposal that received some support prior to this year's reunion: that we have a "cocktail party" at the DGC on Friday evening, after which people can arrange for their own dinners, and the class dinner on Saturday, I know that that puts an extra load on Don, but he wouldn't have to do it for too many more reunions.

3875 Earl Schaubel (The other Earl, not counting Bob Stewart, whose middle name is Earl)



Ron Capern, class of '56, now lives in Ecuador; 17 Oct 12

Hola, Bill: Thank you for keeping me on distribution for updates to your Class '57 web site.

Enjoyed the article and photos on your 2012 reunion - although there were quite few photos of guys (obviously none of the gals) who must have been visiting your reunion from a MUCH older class!