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Emil Bizon: 18 Aug 12

On the premise that the middle-east is going to see the next major outburst of hostilities, it seems a good idea to learn something about this part of the world. What we hear and see in the Main Stream Media is, of course, a long way from the truth.
I have worked my way through a fairly long list of books on the Palestinian situation, both historical an current. As an aside, Tim Reilly has delved extensively into Muslin and Arab history, and current events, and we have had some brief but interesting exchanges on this..
I would like to recommend a very recent volume to anyone taken by this subject. This is the book by American Jewish author and historian Peter Beinart and the book is The Crisis of Zionism.
For obvious reasons this volume will not see many reviews in the media and I will not review it for different reasons. You can get a flavor of the themes it develops from the chapter headings which are: The Crisis in Israel, The Crisis in America, Should American Jews Criticize Israel, Is the Occupation Israel's Fault, The Jewish President, The Monist Prime Minister, The Clash, The Humbling, The Future, Conclusion.
This is a short volume of 196 pages written in an easy style, almost a narrative in the vernacular. I did not have to reach for the dictionary at all. It has about 75 pages of notes which are also very informative. The work is well researched and very current. For anyone seriously interested in the relationship between Obama and Netanyahu there is a great deal of material that was completely unknown to me and, probably, to most Americans and Canadians.
A further aside- in view of the particular attitude of our current government  to the middle-east, this book will illuminate the topic more brightly and more objectively

Emil Bizon



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