Peter Kirkham: 13 Apr 07

I see that Raincoast Books ( of Vancouver) has just pulled one of Paul William Robert's books, destroying 2000 copies, because of "plagiarism". This is an author we will all want to read!!!.


"Homeland", and "The Iraq Study Group" (ISG)

Bob Froebel


Iraq  Late in the Fourth Year of the Invasion.


The release of the Iraq Study Group (ISG) report on 06 Dec 2006, to the US Government, has prompted me to write a bit about Iraq and the American Empire.  There has not been much stuff on the subject on the web site, over the last few months.


But  first  a brief digression.  I have just finished a novel  which presents one man's idea of where the world might be in the year 2050.


The novel is called: Homeland, by Paul William Roberts, Key Porter Books, Toronto, 2006.


The narrator in the novel has reached  birthday  number 100 in the year 2050.  As a former insider and policy advisor to many US governments and Presidents, from President Carter to whomever and till whenever, he is now summarizing his take on the actions of the US Empire and its effects on the world.  It is not pretty reading up to the year 2006 and it gets worse thereafter.


If I had commenced reading this book pre 9/11, I probably   would not have finished it; post 9/11, I read it to the last page.  My only quibble is a big one and it is this: the narrator had many chances to blow the whistle on various nefarious goings on in the "real world events" of which he is a part of and chose not to.  I wonder if General Colin Powell wishes that he had blown a few whistles in early 2003?  He had, in my opinion, the clout, the brains and the experience not only to do it, but  to probably emerge enhanced and unscathed!  There really seems to be a dearth of guts and plain speaking in the 21st century!


Now   for  US and British Empires  in Iraq.


On  06 Dec 2006, The Iraq Study Group (ISG) final  report was handed to various branches of the US Government.  So far, I have only read summaries and through the recommendations.  There are thousands of pages on the internet of pre-studies, etc.  It is a very difficult report to read.  Finally on page 41, give or take, (I am using the New York Times .pdf and the paging seems sloppy) is the section entitled:  The Way Forward - A new Approach; in this section are all the  79 recommendations, each one buried with much obfuscating  support material.  Recommendation number 28 caught my eye: "Oil revenues should accrue to the central government (of Iraq I presume) and be shared on the basis of population...."   Number 45 suggests that the US should leave their military used equipment behind for the new Iraqi military.  Numbers 46 to 49 inclusive, talk only about restoring the US military at home.  Number 79 and last, demonstrates a certain sense of humour on the part of the authors: it suggests that the CIA be sent to Iraq to train Iraqi intelligence people.  (I am not making this up!)  Numbers 62 and 63 deal with Iraqi oil.  Numbers 15 and 16 deal with Syria, the Golan Heights, Israel and Palestine.  Recommendations 10 and 11 are just plain silly.  Recommendation 18 deals with Afghanistan; there is no mention of NATO so far as I could find.



The ISG Report, from here, looks like  do-nothing-much document to start extracting U.S. politicians and The United States of America from their essentially, unanimously agreed to debacle, just in time for the 2008 elections.  With a few of the pundits whose material I have read in the last day or two, I agree, and with them would doubt that any recommendation will be implemented, except, perhaps, numbers one and two, which essentially say, get the US troops out of Iraq by early 2008.  There will be much hee-hawing regarding recommendations 3 to 8 inclusive which want the whole world including the UN to get involved in Iraq!