Jokes: Page 115


Serge Morin: 13 June 09

A wealthy retired gentleman decided to go on a safari photo in Africa.  To keep him company he brought along his faithful old dog.  One afternoon during the safari, the old dog decided to explore the jungle and got lost.  As he was trying to find his way back, he sees a leopard run towards him with what appeared to be nasty intentions.

I am in real trouble he thought.  But seeing a few bones near by, he started to chew one of them, while turning his back to the leopard.  When he felt the leopard was ready to jump on him, he shouted loud and clear: «Wow, this leopard was really excellent».

Hearing this, the young leopard stopped his attack and retreated to the high grass.  «Wow he said this old dog almost got me».

A monkey who had observed the whole scene from a nearby tree thought he could profit from this situation and negotiate with the leopard for his future protection.  He ran to the leopard and told him his observations.  Furious, the young leopard said to the monkey «jump on my back and you will see what I will do to this old dog».

But the old dog having heard the exchange between the monkey and the leopard and seeing they were running towards him again, thought; «what do I do now»?

Instead of running, he waited till they were near by and shouted out loud: «Where is that creasy monkey?  It is over an hour that I told him to spot me another leopard».  The leopard dumped the monkey and ran away again.

The moral of this story is:

1.     Don’t fool around with old dogs,

2.     Age and ruse triumph over youth and strength

3.     Shrewdness and wisdom comes from age and experience.

Incidentally, have you noticed that I used large characters so you guys could read my text?