Dave Stothers

Neil Russell: 10Oct14: Please pass on my thanks to Lawlor, Glenn, Bill Lynn, Dave Wright and "Toronto" others for looking in on the status of my old Ottawa room mate, Dave Stothers. Dave's lungs have been weak since he developed a "fungus" while on a long course in Texas; in fact he was in NDMC in 1963 having parts of his lungs removed when I returned from overseas. I visited him in hospital and helped a bit (as far as Dave ever accepted help) when he suggested that, on his release from hospital, we share a one-bedroom apartment in Central Ottawa. I urged him to practice "balance living" but, regardless, I would return home at night, tired from Air force intelligence job, to find our apartment full of his army engineering buddies polishing off a case of beer. I agree that the best we can hope for Dave now is a traditional Rest in Peace old buddy.




John Wigmore: 12Oct14: I've just had a call from Joyce Stothers who informed me Dave died today. I have not heard from Joyce for years but she wanted to call because Dave and I were such good friends and worked together over the years. I'm sure you will receive the notification from the Toronto group including the details. Joyce was informed by her daughters in Toronto.


E.J. Kearley: 13Oct14: Dave and I were good friends though I lost track of him after graduation. I believe I met him briefly at a couple of reunions but our paths continued to diverge. God rest his soul.


Serge Morin: 13Oct14: It is with great sadness that I read John's message about the departure of Dave Stothers. Dave arrived at CMR in 1952 and promptly made his mark as an outstanding student and strong participant in intermural sports. He moved to RMC with five other members of the first CMR class after the second year, pioneering the arrival of the rest of us the following year. It has always been with great pleasure that we renewed our acquaintance in the class reunions and the souvenir he leaves us is that of a respected and highly skilled professional, and a humorous comrade. Please extend our sincere sympathy to the family.



 Peter Harrison: 15Oct14: Dave was one of the brights lights at CMR and RMC. After graduation we went our separate ways, until in 1966 we met at the Royal Military College of Science in Shrivenham UK, where Dave was taking the two year expert course and I was taking the three month beginner..
My wife Carolyne remembers the Xmas Ball at Shrivenham and driving back to Dave's house for breakfast, in the wee small hours of the morning. The car was a vintage Vokeswagon with a manually operated windshield wiper on the driver's side. As it was raining Dave drove with one hand on the wheel and the other on the wiper blade. We made it and had a memorable breakfast.




Chris Chance: 20Oct14:I had the very great pleasure (and honour) of working with LCol (Ret”d)Dave Stothers when we were both at Computing Devices Canada. As an artillery officer, Dave was a master of the art of fire control and the science of ballistics, a capability that earned him the respect of gunners in the Canadian and US Armies and the United States Marine Corps. No slouch, he was also an accomplished clarinetist, and had completed most of the courses leading to his PhD from Johns Hopkins University. Dave also had a wonderful sense of humour, and regaled us with tales of his military service in Canada, Europe and Vietnam (with the ICCS). Until struck down by a stroke a few years ago, Dave continued to work, and his enthusiasm was contagious. A dedicated Gunner, he will be greatly missed. Goodbye old friend.

Camiel Jacobs: 25Oct14: Please accept my sincere condolences on the passing away of your father. I will remember him when I go to church to-morrow here in Antwerp.
Sincerely yours, Camiel Jacobs.