Class Foundation Projects


Bill Lynn: 26 May 04

I have finally got some info and photos together from the Richelieu Squadron year-end ceremonies, where Class of '57 medallions and bursaries were presented to six officer-cadets.
It's on the net at . Heavy on the photos for a slow speed connection, but they might be loaded by the time one gets through the verbiage.
Let me know if there are any questions or comments.

Joint Project with Graduating Class: AKR: 19 May 04

Future Fund Raising (by class or through OB?): 06 Oct 03

Proposed Foundation Project for the Class of '57: 22 June 03

Class of 57 Foundation Project 2003: Posted 21 June 03

Class of 57 Foundation Project 2002: Posted 30 May 02

Gus Armstrong: 15 Oct 01: Pictures of the Arch, Memorial Stones, Colours, Class members