Tom Drummond's Collection


The Acapulco shot was in 1956 during the cruise of HMCS Ontario.
Here we have Al Farrington, George Desbarats and Hughie Silver having a bad hair day.


The shot of the four stooges was at the Crystal Gardens in Victoria during some gala affair or another in 1954.

Here we see Jim Fox getting the essential training and background for senior army rank,
Johnny Beare choking down a glass of heavy water, Don Coulter also having a bad hair day, and yours truly trying not to gag on his
first cigarette. I think our dates deserted us. I can't understand


Bill, one of your earlier Rogues Gallery shots showed Eddie Gagosz,
a real Westerner. This was taken in late 1954. I wonder if anyone
knows the whereabouts of any of his family.

Tom: Can't help you on this one. Perhaps some of the other old pilots know, particularly those who flew Sabres in Europe.