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AKR: 19 Feb 01

Gentlemen and Ladies,

Those of you who attended the reunion last September/October will know that
Peter Fenton attended although he'd had a tumor removed from his brain just
two weeks earlier.  His frail state of health was evident to us all.

Peter had not had much contact with the College or the Club for many years,
but recently he had begun to attend the regular luncheons of the Toronto
contingent of our class, driving into town from his home in Waterloo.  He
also enthusiastically renewed his association with the College by taking
out a Life Membership in the Club after consulting with his heart
specialist and oncologist!

He enrolled for all the activities over the Reunion Weekend, including the
Legacy Dinner, and his wife Enid told me that he was absolutely set on
attending, regardless of the unexpected surgery that occurred shortly
before.  As it turned out, it was only a tremendous display of courage that
permitted him to attend some of the events at all.

Peter died last Wednesday surrounded by his family.  I spoke with Enid
yesterday, and she told me there was no way that she or his doctors could
convince him not to go to Kingston at the end of September despite his
weakened condition.  After his return to Waterloo, he was bedridden for
most of the time until his death at much too early an age.

The Toronto contingent of the class coincidentally held one of its regular
luncheons last Friday.  There were 16 of us in attendance (10 class members
plus six wives) and we raised our glasses to Peter.

TDV/VDV     Al

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