Funding Proposal for RMC Class of 1957


Name of Project: TV Interview Broadcasting Facility for the Royal Military College

Funding Required: $ 40,000 - $50,000 (estimated)


Project Rationale & Background:

With the advent of 24 hour news broadcast networks (such as CBC NewsWorld/ SRC Radio Canada TV, and CTV News Net) in Canada, universities across the country have experienced a huge surge in demand for media interviews with their leading Faculty members / research staff. This exposure has become an extremely powerful means for such organizations to project a very positive image to the Canadian general public and, not surprisingly, has served as an exceptionally cost effective vehicle for creating a unique identity for the institution.  As a result many universities have made the decision to equip themselves with media facilities where live interviews can be conducted on campus, on a 24 hour / 365 days per year basis. Such a facility enables a university representative to be linked directly to the network studio from a campus location, thereby permitting a TV anchor to conduct an interview from the network’s own studio, without either one every meeting face to face.  

For many years now, RMC has resided in the shadows the larger and better known Canadian post secondary institutions such as the University of Toronto, McGill, and even locally, Queen’s University. Sadly it remains an undiscovered jewel to the average Canadian citizen who continues to be completely ignorant of its role and true value. Its unique expertise, in a wide range of defence related matters, constitutes is a veritable well of information that is just waiting to be tapped by Canadian as well as international broadcasters.  The TV Interview Broadcasting Facility outlined in this proposal would serve to vault RMC into the spotlight by providing RMC with the capability of connecting directly with this media, in a manner that guarantees to establishes a national presence for the College on an ongoing basis.


Project Description:

The actual requirements for establishing a TV Interview Broadcasting Facility are remarkable few.  A dedicated fibre optic line, high quality camera and tripod, associated lighting and sound equipment, a simple set with appropriate background filters, and a webcam are about all that is needed. Moreover this equipment can be set up and dismantled fairly readily so that a formal broadcast studio need not be constructed.  Once the capital equipment & installation costs have been paid for, a monthly line fee and per diem usage charge for the dedicated fibre optic line are about the only major residual costs involved in this project (excluding replacement items such as light bulbs). The College can absorb these charges, which it has estimated to be approximately $1,180.00 a month (21.6K/yr) plus the per diem rates for usage.  A site on campus has already been selected (Commandant’s Conference Room in Yeo Hall) which will show the RMC clock tower on the Mackenzie Building as an interview backdrop for the camera.

Finally, should the Class of ‘57 decide to adopt this project, The RMC Commandant, Brig. Gen. Jean Leclerc has agreed to advance the money from another area of his budget in order that this equipment can be in place by the time the Class returns for Reunion Weekend at RMC this fall. 


A. / Equipment Costs

1. / Fixed Broadcast Quality Digital Camera: & Tripod: 

2. / Remote microphone for Portable Camera:

       Wireless microphone Sony 800 studio pack:

3. / Clip on Microphones:

4. / Light Kit:

5. / Spare Light Bulbs:

6. / Fixed Ceiling Mounts for Portable Lights:

7. / Neutral Density Gel:

8. / Room Divider

9. / 2 Double Ender Kits:

10. / Auxiliary Equipment:


B. / Construction costs

1. / Installation of dedicated Fibre Optic Line Yeo Hall bldg:


C. / Ongoing Cost: To be paid for by The College on an ongoing basis

Monthly line rental cost

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