Peter Kirkham: 06 Oct 03

Glen: Confusion is great.. Diversity of opinion is desirable. Active contributions, hopefully, are encouraged,  leading  all of us, eventually,  to a "collective" view of what we, as a class, most want. A quick consensus, in my opinion, is not required. And , hopefully, people will not feel constrained in expressing their true feelings. Not much different than a family, aye!  Eventually we will get it right, at least for us as a class.

Glenn Doupe: 06 Oct 03

Your summary and identification of the 3 options for future class of 57 funded projects are appreciated ----- as are the suggestions from other classmates, but I sense that most of us will wish to equivocate because it all remains abstract.
What I am saying is that our class rose to the occasion when specific projects were identified and Al got us excited. I imagine that could happen again. So perhaps therein is a fourth option.
I hope that I haven't confused things unduly with this thought.

WIH: 06 Oct 03

Experienced fund raisers will tell you that there is a close link between success and recognition. That recognition must be of the individual or a clearly identifiable group with whom the individual is proud to have been associated for a period of time. Tiered recognition is particularly effective in encouraging incremental amounts. There is no doubt where the majority of our classmates place their loyalties, so without class giving AND class projects, I believe our donations will drop dramatically.

We appear to have three options:

  1. Continue our donations and projects as a class. In this event I believe AKR deserves help because I know he has found these activities especially time consuming. Also, we must be content with smaller, less visible projects as our contribution. Having said that, I think we can take considerable pride in the innovative nature and effectiveness of both the St. Jean and TV projects. For this, AKR deserves much credit.

  2. Stick with tradition and funnel future donations through the OB in support of larger projects.

  3. Say to hell with organized fund raising; we've done our bit; leave it to others. Big projects should be funded by government anyway. If individuals want to donate, they're free to do so.

Peter Kirkham: 06 Oct 03

Dean makes an eloquent plea for future fund raising to be done on a class basis if possible. Others (Bill) say that this is the most effective way to raise funds, namely through closely knit affiliated groups. Not having been in the fund raising business myself, I accept these arguments.
However, we must find a way, I believe, to reconcile this "fact" with the recognition that , in the future, most of the substantive, strategic gifts (donations) to the College are likely to require far larger dollar amounts than we, as a class, are likely to be able to raise by ourselves.
It either means partnering with other classes, or raising funds under the auspices of the Old Brigade.
I am throwing these comments out to generate some feedback for those who are going to have to manage this activity going forward.

Dean Wellsman: 01 Oct 03

The comment was made that once you join The Old Brigade it is no longer appropriate to act as a Class but rather to channel activities - fund raising - etc - through The Old Brigade. While I can appreciate why such a "tradition" might exist I believe that we should maintain our Class affiliation and activities until we can no longer do so. Others may feel differently.
To that end - we should select a financial goal now (as we did a few years back) and strive over the next 4 years to reach that goal. Al , in his new job, may have some thoughts about this but we need to discuss it and get on with it before we begin to forget the importance of helping the Cadets as a Class.

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