Ed Gagosz

Posted 01 Nov 01

To the Class of 57
On a recent two week visit to France and Flanders [Belgium], I visited the grave of classmate Eddie Gagosz and signed the registry on our behalf.  Most will recall that Eddie went to Royal Roads; I  believe he had trouble adjusting to RMC, failed out and went directly into a pilot career.  Those who took summer pilot training  with Eddie remember him as a likeable,  tough little guy who was good at Gymnastics and a natural pilot.  He did well as a Sabre pilot in Europe but he lost control of his new Porsche one night and killed himself on a road near Baden Sollingen. 
RCAF Cemetery Chaloy, near Toule, Eastern France,  is a Commonwealth War Cemetery, originally established to hold the graves of  RAF and RCAF airmen killed in that area during the Second World War.  When the Canadian Air Division was formed in the 1950s, and began to have peace time casualties, the cemetery was reactivated and now contains some 400  Cold War graves of, mostly airmen, but also some Canadian Army from Lahr.
The main purpose of my visit to France and Belgium was to follow the Canadian Army during the First World War, visiting battlefields, memorials and cemeteries.  I took the "enclosed" photo of the Canadian National Memorial at Vimy Ridge.  I caught the memorial in the early morning, when the grass  was  particularly green and the sky deep blue.  Some think it is a good photo.  Bill is going to put it on  the web.  By the way, if  you ever begin to doubt whether you are proud to be Canadian, visit Vimy and review the accomplishments of the Canadian Corps.  It has been said that Confederation gave Canada a political framework, but the "Great War" gave it life.  I believe it.
3853 Neil Russell


(I apologize for this one but I had to "massage" it rather severely to make the inscription legible....WIH)


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