Dick Harding


Bill Lynn: 15 Nov 01

Attached is a shot of Dick and Eleanor at the last reunion (extraneous subject matter cropped out). We sent the original photo to them. I wanted to send you a copy, but could not find the duplicate until today.
The shot seems to bring back such happy memories that I feel I want to share it. I'll ask you to decide whether it is appropriate to do so at this time.



Lawlor Rochester: 01 Nov 01

In response to your message this morning, the Toronto and vicinity ex cadets have been keeping Dick company over the last six months. Bob Froebel, Earl Law , Glen Giddings and I have tried to visit Dick every other week. In spite of the fact that he was obviously suffering and slowly loosing energy he always had the most wonderful sense of humour and a no nonsense attitude. He was not afraid to die and said so on several occasions. Our visits consisted of our spending time with both Dick and Eleanor reminiscing over coffee and then touring the community with Dick in his electric wheelchair. Not only entertaining to be with Dick but good exercise as Dick kept his "foot on the pedal!" Eleanor and his children were with him at the end and his daughter Susan from the Congo arrived the night before he died to spend time with him...and what a loving family!! Both at the viewing the day before and at the funeral we were all there for him and for his family. After the funeral there were many humorous anecdotes about Dick at a gathering in the community centre up near Bellwood in the retirement community he and Eleanor moved to seven or so years ago. His contribution to assisting those with Parkinsons in the Toronto area was highlighted by a dear friend. I know I'll probably leave out some but the following managed to get up to be with Dick's family: Bill Armstrong, Neil Russell, Len Pitura, Glen Giddings, Earl Law, Dave Wright, Bob Froebel, Ken Gallanger and Carter Powis from class of '56(my apologies for any omissions). While it is sad to reconnect with each other on such occasions nevertheless there is real power  and comfort in knowing this deep well of support is there.

A postscript to my message to you this morning....At the community centre Dave Wright very bravely stood up before the gathered throng and spoke eloquently of some of his fond memories of Dick at RMC and together flying.

Addendum: 05 Nov 01

Talk about absent minded ,it was amazing to see Glen Doupe just back from Nato et al in Europe at Dick's funeral and gathering!!

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