Joint Project with Graduating Class


I am in the process of setting up a means of communicating with members of the Old Brigade that is complementary to the Old Brigade Notes published three times a year in VERITAS.  The latter is all very nice, but is constrained by the fixed times of publication and the fact that the submission date for the column is two months in advance of when it is mailed out.  Further, it is unclear as to how many members of the Old Brigade actually read it!  To say nothing of reacting to it!!
In an attempt to improve communications, therefore, I am contacting the secretaries of the classes that have entered the Old Brigade since 1998 (i.e., the classes of 52 through 57) to ask if they would be willing to act as conduits of messages from the Adjutant of  the Old Brigade to members of their respective classes.  Such messages will be relatively short as well as timely. Hopefully, they will evoke a greater response and sense of involvement than the longer reports in VERITAS seem to be doing.  It will surely not surprise you to learn that your secretary has readily agreed to this plan!
The subject of this first communication is, as indicated in the title, the Old Brigade Project.  It is described in detail in the April 04 edition of VERITAS under Old Brigade Notes.  In brief, the idea is to match the Class of 04's graduation contribution to the College and turn it into a joint Class of 04/Old Brigade gift.  The gift is a computer-controlled plasma screen to be prominently located in the Cadet Mess in Yeo Hall.  It is an excellent choice of gift, selected by the cadets themselves, because it will quickly display electronic messages to the cadets as well as providing general information or news.  A plaque under the screen will state that it is the product of a joint Class of 04/Old Brigade project.  The system is such that it allows for additional screens to be installed in other locations (e.g., each dormitory) later as money comes available from other donors.   
The cadets think this is a great idea and have approved it overwhelmingly.  In addition, the $10,000 share for the cadets has been fully contributed through 100% participation of the graduating class.  The screen will be installed during the summer with official dedication occurring at Reunion Weekend later this year in October.  All that remains to be done is for the Old Brigade to raise its $10,000 contribution.  Currently, of the approximately 600 active members of the Old Brigade ("active" meaning that the Club has a valid address), 10 members have contributed a total of $1,550.  Half of these contributions come from pre-war ex-cadets and the other half from post-war ex-cadets (two from the Class of 57).  Donations range in size from $50 to $500 (with the average being $155).
The Old Brigade is the largest identifiable group in the Club.  As such it can, if it so wishes, play a leadership role in helping the Club through the difficult times it is experiencing at the moment.  One way to do this is to set an example for younger members of the Club, and what better ones to work with then the newest?  As I said above, these graduating men and women are very happy to be associated with us and it may inspire them to take an active and positive role in Club affairs later on.  The Old Brigade in the past has concentrated mostly on Reunion Weekend events (OB dinner and parade to the Arch).  With its greatly increased and steadily growing membership over the past few years (since 1998), perhaps the time has come for it to take a more active role in the Club for the benefit of all.
Would you please consider supporting the Old Brigade Project through a small donation in the range of, say, $50 to $250 (or, of course, whatever level of donation you are comfortable with)?  If only half of the members of the OB were to respond in this way, the $10,000 objective would be easily reached.  What is even more important, however, is the number of donations.  To have credibility in the eyes of the graduating cadets, to say nothing of all other ex-cadets, a high level of participation is required.
Thank you for your consideration of this matter.

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