3854 Peter Anthony Kirk



Bill Broughton 
On Wednesday the 1st February I was very pleased to attend Peter Kirk’s funeral service in Winchester, ON.  It was an unexpected death caused by a fall from a ladder at home.  The chapel was full with about eighty in attendance and included Charlie and Linda Gunning from the class of 1956. Peter and Charlie served in submarines together and he knew Peter’s wife, Barbara, and the family, whereas I had not met them before.  It was a typical Anglican service conducted by the Rev. John Organ, a former army chaplain and the current incumbent at St. Mark’s Ottawa.  Peter’s casket was draped in the white ensign with his cap and three roses on top.  To each side of the casket were two, large, most remarkable models of 17th century sailing ships built by Peter.  They are in exquisite detail in every respect as can be seen from the photographs.  Clearly he had great skill and patience.  Barbara informed me that he had done some 40 ship models over the years.  Barbara said that she would be very happy if I would give this report for our class web site.