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Ron Capern (via Don Gregory)

Ladies and Gentlemen: I have included with this message, the text of a message received this morning from Shirley Laidley (for which, many thanks, Shirley).  Another comrade has fallen.

QUOTE: Robert Gibbard Laidley on Sunday, July 24, 2005, at the Ottawa General Hospital, after an incredibly difficult two-year battle with colon cancer. Bob was 72 years of age. He is survived by his wife, Shirley, and sons, Charles (Hawaii) and Rob (Ottawa).

Bob retired from his civilian engineering position with the Canadian Navy in 1996.  He was very happy that he was able to join the Old Brigade with his class.  He became ill the following spring.

The funeral service will be at 2 PM Tuesday, August 2, 2005 at the Riverview Cemetery in Napanee (Bob's home town) with a reception following at the Stevenson House (www.stevensonhouse.com). Funeral arrangements are through the Wartman Funeral Home in Napanee. Phone (613) 354-3722.

Donations to any cancer fund would be appreciated. END QUOTE

AKR: 27 July 05

Do you remember Bob?  I do, not because I knew him at the College, but because Cynthia was a good friend of his wife, Shirley.

I am presuming that your RMC class has a secretary and that you probably have an address for him.

Could you please advise him that Robert Gibbard Laidley died yesterday (Sunday Jul 24) so I am told, in Ottawa.  If you have but faint recollections of Bob, he came from Napanee and would have entered RMC in 1952.  Bob never, in his whole life, could ever wrap his mind around French and hence repeated his first year, joining my class of recruits.  I do not recall whether Bob made it through first year or whether it was the second year which saw him further frustrated by French and a second failure (and hence out).
Bob did go on to become a Professional Engineer.  In his early days he worked on the survey crews for the St Lawrence Seaway while doing his studies for the P Eng exams and then worked in Trenton for Pyrotenax which was a firm making electrical cable which was fully fire resistant.  He had a couple of other jobs before he ended up in DND working in the Director General Maritime Engineering and Maintenance world for a number of years until retirement.  In DGMEM he was primarily focused on the maintenance aspects of the electrical and battery systems for the submarines.
Bob and his wife Shirley, lived on the River Road, on the Rideau River, south of Manotick and fairly close to the bridge over to Kars.  They have two sons, Charlie and ????? (Sorry it won't come to me at the moment).  Cancer was the problem and the last time I saw Bob, last summer, he was quite resigned to it and making the best of the time he had left.  The prognosis was six months then and he managed to double that, including some time in Forida last winter.
No word yet on the funeral but it I have heard that it will be in Napanee and probably about 2 August.


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