Keith McKinnon


Dave Stothers: 10 Dec 99

We were classmates in the Premier Finissants du CMR. He came from Manitoba and his older brother graduated I believe about 53. He was a marvellous guy, and Monique was the most beautiful girl ever invented. Can you advise on how to send an e mail to Monique. Thanks Dave Stothers 3707

  • There's no e-mail address listed. WIH


Neil Russell: 14 Dec 99

Bill, if it works, copy of Obit, contributed to by Bill Lynn, follows. I have no details as yet, but I understand the service for Keith was overflowing, with ex-cadet ties prominent. Bill Lynn made the "Tribute to Keith from Classmates and Friends" based on the Obit, while Keith's son, Neil, gave a eulogy on behalf of the family. There were mementos of Keith's life and career displayed. I sounds like it was more emotional than intended, but "appropriate".


Dave Stothers: 14 Dec 99

Thanks Neil, and live it up in Naples. I knew Monique and her family  beginning 1952 and remember the day she met Keith via her brother Don Mongeau, who was a wild friend (in his day) of mine. Merry XMAS and happy millennium. Dave St.


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