Clarke Moggidge


In trying to clean up space in my storage, I ran across two photos from First and Second year summer training in Shilo.  The top photo has Mike Valiquet wearing a Forage cap likely belonging to Lt Jean-Paul O'Rilley who was demonstrating how we would likely wear a beret when we joined the Old Brigade.  Don Mongeau is at the centre back with a ciggy. These goings-on probably convinced him to move over to the Engineers the next year.  The others are COTC types and I forget who the training Sgt was. At the front right is Joey Slater (COTC) who is the subject of many ridiculous stories - I don't think he came back for the second phase.  The lower photo shows Dean Wellsman holding a 25 pdr round that I'm about to hammer home.  It doesn't look as though we are paying much attention to what we were doing.  Don't recall who the other two are.