Don Mongeau


Al and Bill:
 I just learned this morning that Don Mongeau died from a heart attack in February. Shirley telephoned Jocelyne immediately and had a long chat. Jocyelyne is doing fine. Her family and Don's family have been very supportive. As you well know, Al, while Don did not attend the reunion get-togethers, he was very loyal to and supportive of RMC. Shirley and I, became good friends with Don and Jocelyne in the early 60s during co-postings in Chilliwack and Hermitage, England and Ottawa.. In fact, they held an engagement party for us in Chilliwack.

After Don left the Royal Canadian Engineers, we saw them again at their cottage at Mont Laurier and then had little contact, except for a phone call or two when I would try to convince Don to come to a reunion. Finally we had a very nice reunion with them at their home in Chomedy in March 2001.  At that time, while Don was under treatment for diabetes, both were in good spirits. They advised us that they were in the process of selling their home and moving.

I don't know if you had their new address. It is  2900 Edward Mon Petit, Apt 406, Laval, PQ H7T2T5. And the phone number is (450) 687-5585. Bill, could inform classmates of Don's death through the web site, please.


Earl Schaubel


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