Dick Patterson's's Collection


The story is, 14 Feb 99, my younger daughter, Sarah, married a USN exchange officer here in Halifax (LCdr Andy Powell). This was also her birthday.  (Andy, being practical, wanted to roll birthday, Valentines Day and Anniversary all into one, but I said, if
he every forgot......).

Sarah studied costumes in the Theatre Arts programme at Dalhousie U, and is heavily involved as a cutter of period attire.

They are both also into historical re-enactment.  They decided to get married in the 'Round Church' (St Georges, for those who know Halifax, a period piece in itself),  with the wedding party dressed as though it were Halifax, 1779.
Father-in-law (not shown) looked like Ben Franklin, and Father-of-the-bride like a half-pay ancient Lt Col of the 42nd Regt. (reference to my time in the Black Watch).  The groom and his group were dressed as officers of the Continental Navy, POWs on parole in Halifax.  Many of their re-enactment contemporaries came in suitable attire. Sarah and her friends in the Costume Studies game made all the outfits for the wedding party. Gave them all a chance to show off their skills.

Both sets of parents went along reluctantly, but it turned out to be great fun and hit the CP news so that even Sarah's uncle in Edmonton saw it in the paper.  In the Father-of-the-Bride's few words I had to point out to all, including the many guests from the
US & A, that in 1779, the 42nd Regt was fighting in New York.


A 2nd year photo of the Great 8 in the middle of their 21 days. (Or Rec Room Rubbies, if you were not of 2 Sqn)

Post-Cakewalk, I think, with Hardy out of costume.


The Ball series are post-Xmas Ball pics.  I still remember the name of my date.  How about you?


Peter Fenton may recall our 1st trip to the Thousand
Island in the Recruit Week, thousands of years ago.

Remember the great CSL we had, Jon Jennekens?