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It was Fro who expressed the thanks of the class for all the work that Al has done on behalf of the class for so many years. He did it in a way that prompted Peter Kirkham to describe his words as "inspired".

As always, our Great Leader presided over the proceedings, remembering those who had passed away, passing the mike for our remarks, appropriate or otherwise. Al also made a strong pitch on behalf of the RMC Foundation and identified a specific project to be associated with the donations from our class.



Fri: "That's when I put all my money into Bre-X"

Sat: Dinner/Cruise


Start of the Recruit Obstacle Race

Tackling the infamous slippery slope


Somehow it seemed appropriate that part of the last ever Recruit Obstacle Race, now a memory, should be run in the shadow of another memory, the front line fighter of our era which several of our classmates flew.


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