AKR's Final Report: 22 Nov 03


Gentlemen and Ladies,
I think all the accounts have now been received and paid concerning our recent reunion, so the time has come to close the books (except for the wonderful memories) of this event.
As you have already heard from Bill, there is a list of all of you who ordered a copy of the class photo along with your civic mailing address on the Class web site under News Pages.  Since I have been communicating with most of you be email for so long now, I had only a limited data base of snail mail addresses, so it took me a while to rectify the situation (mostly to get geared up mentally to do the nasty job!).  As I just said, the list only includes the names of those who ordered photographs.  If you ordered a photograph, please verify your address and, if there is an error in it, send me the correction by Tuesday, 25 November.  Cynthia and I will be away for a while starting in the middle of next week, so I shall send the list of addresses to the photographer before we leave.  You should receive your copy of the photograph by early December.
Receipts totalled $12,675.00 while disbursements were $12,126.21 giving a "profit" of $548.79, which has been applied to the Class Operating Fund.  This fund now contains $1,491.92 (assuming that Bill Hughes will cash the cheque I've just sent to him to cover some of the expenses he has recently incurred maintaining the Class web site and sending out copies of the reunion colour photos on the site to those members of the class who are not on the web (he calls them "Luddites"!!) - he has a habit of ignoring my offers to pay his costs!).  In addition to paying for expenses I incur as Class Secretary (including what Bill will take), the fund is useful in providing seed money when organizing reunions.
From a number of comments I heard at the Reunion, or subsequently received, there has been an unfair comparison made between the cost of the buffet dinner on Friday evening at the Holiday Inn and the sit-down Old Brigade dinner at the Sheraton Hotel the following night.  The cost of the Holiday Inn buffet was $41.87 per person (including taxes and service, but not wine) compared to $55.00 per person for the Old Brigade dinner (including taxes, service and wine).
The money you paid at the Class Reunion (Friday) included many other items, including the poster, class photo and a myriad of lesser expenses required to make the weekend go as agreeably and smoothly as possible.
There were a number of criticisms of the buffet.  Chief among them was the quality of the main meat roast, which was very tough and seems, unfortunately, to have spoiled the entire meal for some of you.  I have already lodged a complaint with the Holiday Inn on this matter.  The meat was meant to be succulent veal, rather than the tough rubber beef that was served, but somebody screwed up...  Most of the rest of what was offered was quite good, it seems, although one person complained about the fish.  Be that as it may, a great deal of salmon was consumed!
Other criticisms concerned the service (slow or non existent), restricted choice of wine available and the bureaucracy associated with buying drinks or wine.  Further, some of you just don't like buffets (i.e., having to stand in line to serve yourself).
Before arranging Reunion 2007, I shall carry out a survey asking such questions as:  Where you'd like to have the reunion?  Do you prefer buffet to sit-down dinner?  Should wine be included in the price of the meal and served by the staff?  Etc.  Of course, your answer to the first of these questions will be coloured by the quality of your accommodation at the Holiday Inn (if you stayed there) because I understand the rooms were not of a high standard.  And that brings up another question: Is it desirable to have the reunion dinner at the hotel where most of the attendees are staying?  Stay tuned (after all, we're talking about Kingston, not some great metropolis with a multitude of choices!).
May I once again thank you all very much for the wonderful gift that you gave to me at the Reunion.  I was deeply touched and I much appreciate the support you have given to me over the years.  My interaction with you has been an important part of my life.  Cynthia adds her thanks for the medal.

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