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"Serge et Margot" Morin: 15 Dec 03

We received this morning the class picture of September 27th. I must admit it took a long time to get you guys to look truly "French" with your berets. The atmosphere is certainly very "Francais" for we are surrounded by so many pretty ladies.

Thank you for all the readings you are making me catch up with. One minor correction; the obituary for Ed Gagosz. Ed was in my squadron in Baden-Sollingen. The car he was driving on that fatal night was a Borgward (?). A front tire blew out and the instability of the car caused Eddy to be thrown out. It is a very sad souvenir for me for Eddy was my next door roommate and we were very close friends.

Please transmit my very best wishes to all classmates and their lovely companions.

Eleanor Harding: 08 Dec 03

What a wonderful surprise to receive the package of Reunion photos! But I shouldn't really have been surprised; the Class of '57 always does things with a flourish.

It was a truly memorable weekend, which not even the rain and gray skies could mar. Keria and I felt so welcome, and that feeling helped us both get over the inevitable lumps in our throats.

Jack Hicks: 22 Nov 03

We have a number of Hicks on our rural route so the civic address does help to find the right mailbox, although RR #4 is still required. Please change our address as follows: ....

I wonder ....  Do you suppose the pun was intended?   Ed.

Doug Smith: 21 Nov 03

Great to have a chance to renew acquaintances - however briefly. Too bad  the weather forced you inside for the parade on Saturday.

Paul Segers: 21 Nov 03

The three days in Kingston were just great and health permitting we will be there in 2007.

Dave Greenfield: 21 Nov 03 (via Canada post)

I was very surprised and grateful to receive the pictures that you sent me from the reunion. I have been on the Internet with an e-mail address since Christmas but I am still learning. Two months ago I ended up with a VIRUS that kept shutting me down. Friday I took the computer to the local shop and found that last week the shop had been full of computers with the same problem. I get mine back tomorrow afternoon and may finally get on line and know how to use the computer.

I was most grateful to see the picture of "Romeo" - Glenn Doupe, as Joan and I were right in front as his cadet host returned him to the seats and thanked him with a kiss, as you said. I didn't have my camera ready and so missed the shot. I write an "RMC Corner" for the engineers who went to U of T in '57-'58 for the 1958 Civil's newsletter, so maybe Glenn's picture will get wider circulation. I just ran a copy on my colour printer and it came out fine.

I see you're in Campbell River now. When Joan and I were on Vancouver Island in 1995 we stayed at a bed & breakfast called Lighthouse View with hosts Audrey and Ted Dillistone. Ted is a Roads graduate. We had a lovely time and they treated us royally. It's surely a small world.

I hear you have rain on the Island and we do too so I am in rather than out raking leaves from our two acres.

The myth of rain on the Island is one we foster to discourage Easterners from spoiling the neighbourhood.  Ed.

George McClure: 19 Nov 03 (via Canada Post)

Thank you very much for the package of photographs from the RMC Weekend. They will trigger many pleasant memories for us.

Have just returned from a trip to Nova Scotia & New Brunswick of ten days, visiting old friends. Also, following that, Jean and I flew to Kelowna and the Okanagan for another ten days. Had dinner with Carl (brother of Eleanor Hughes) and Nancy on November 9. We go to Arizona for three months starting January 1. Best regards.

Rolly Blacker: 18 Nov 03 (e-mail)

Hello:  It's been a long time.  I got your portfolio of pictures from the latest reunion and really enjoyed them.  I was surprised by the number of people that I would not have recognized if you hadn't labeled them.  I'm sure I would have if I had spoken to them or they to me.  I tried to access your web sight but no success. I'll keep trying.  Thanks again for the pictures, maybe I'll show up to one of these shindigs soon and shock everybody.

Serge Morin: 14 Nov 03 (via Poste Canada Post)

Not being on Internet gives me the advantage of a personal communication from a friend. Thank you for the folio of pictures of the 2003 reunion.

On parade, I was in the same file as Fro Renaud and Keith Steuart. I notice that I did not make the picture in height or in width.

I have now completed my thesis and should defend my prose sometime in March or April next year.

Bonjour a Eleanor et merci pour la fidelite et l'energie que tu donnes a notre classe.

Serge must be giving perennial student Dick Patterson competition for being the oldest member of our class to receive his PhD.  Ed.

Neil Russell: 09 Oct 03

First, my thanks to all who organized and helped.  It was a great weekend.

Background.  During 29 years as a bachelor I took out many girls and introduced some of them to my classmates and friends.  A particular case was a cute RCAF dietician Flying Officer who I introduced to my Ottawa apartment mate, Dave Stothers.  I believe we/you all know that although the union resulted in some fine kids, the union itself ended in a hostile divorce.  At the cocktails before dinner.  Noticing that Dave seemed to be alone, I said naively, "Dave, you know there are several widows of classmates here; I can introduce you."  Dave, without hesitation, "No you don't Russell; last time it cost me one million dollars!" 

Dave Stothers: 09 Oct 03

You can put  it on the website.  Glad Neil thought it was  funny, painfully funny.

Thanks Bill for your  good  work.

Murray (and Pat) Copeland: 05 Oct 03

A short note to express our appreciation for your great web-site and all the time you have spent keeping the class posted on classmates, activities, discussions etc.  You have been the internet "glue" for the Class of '57'.  We had a great weekend in Kingston - a super turnout and nice to be so well prepared and informed before we got there.

Don Gregory: 04 Oct 03

One last comment.  Those of you who did the organizing and continue to serve us so well as a class deserve a sincere "three cheers" for a job well done. 

Sig Carlsen: 03 Oct 03

I think it is just great that you have already set up a section on the web site for our next reunion.

Glenn Doupe: 03 Oct 03

Having had the pleasure of watching you in action particularly at our reunion dinner where we sat together, I want to be one of many I am sure, to tell you how much your efforts are appreciated as we  re-live our great event through your web pages. Once again you have done a super job.
Dave Wright ,too, was pretty swift on the camera button and captured a couple of interesting moments during the reunion. Your note of explanation accompanying the shot of me and my escort was also appreciated and could have gone on to say the kiss was a reward for my masterful job in handing out badges ------ and I just assumed that all my classmates probably earned a similar embrace!
Again ---- very well done Bill and many thanks.

Ted Tremain: 03 Oct 03

Great pictures - I think Dinah will be sending a few.

Bob Froebel: 03 Oct 03

To the families, Roberts, Hughes and Coulter and all others who helped produce all the events of last weekend thanks very much from Ann and RAF.  The combined Royal Roads, CMR and  RMC photo was a great idea.  I will treasure it as much as the class photo taken on Saturday morning.

Paul-Roy Lavallee: 01 Oct 03

I had a look at all the pictures and found them entertaining. I recognized a few of them and on the others I had to look at the headings
Thanks for sharing with me all those memories

Denis Boyle: 01 Oct 03

I have a number (50+) pictures mostly taken at the Class dinner (not surprisingly with a Roads bias) and will get the best 10 or 15 to you asap when I have a chance to cull and digitally work them and reduce their size so they can be handled more quickly by us slower (electronically that is) guys.

It was indeed a great weekend.


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