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WIH: 25 Nov 03

I wasn't aware of it at the time but Spence Volk had a professional photographer at work during the March to the Arch by the Old Brigade. The result is a 43-minute DVD that begins with stills of some of the really old guys who are no longer with us before it gets to the movies our event.

As Spence says: "I believe the photographer did a fine job and he captured the day in context of the history of the college. It may be that others might like a copy (they can edit me out easily) and I'd be prepared to send them off at a cost of approx. $23.00 U.S/copy if anyone is interested. Let me know if there's any interest and I'll happily send them off after I have copies made. Based on my children's reception (they're 35 and 36) it's an effective way of introducing them to the concept of the Old Brigade - which Mary Ellen insists that, with the entry of the Class of '57, should be renamed 'The Bold Brigade'. I'll have to talk to Al."

I have reviewed the DVD and agree with Spence's assessment that it's a professional job. However, I'm afraid that pictures don't lie and these scenes show that we're a little out of practice when it comes to marching in formation. I'm reluctant to publish anyone else's e-mail address on this site but, if you e-mail me, I'll give you Spence's address so that you can express your interest directly.

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