(or My How We've Changed)

Classmates are invited to submit early and recent pictures of themselves with their brides. Given the tenor of the times with same-sex marriages and flexible pairings we'll even accept multiple submissions, no questions asked. Please submit scanned image files to or mail your old photographs to the address shown on our Home page. All photographs will be returned.

Erv and Ruth Cross at their 1960 wedding and on 13 Sep 03


Dave and Wanda Wright

RMC Grad Ball &  Muskoka, Aug., '03



Marg and Bill Lynn

One picture was taken in 1960 in Marville, France, the other was taken in Sept., 2002, at CMR.

Bill invites us to guess which is which.


Marilyn & Joe Hunt in '67 and a recent Anniversary

Dean & Joan Wellsman in '57 and on a recent cruise

Al & Cynthia Roberts: 23 May 58 and 23 May 03

Elgay & Gus Armstrong

Eleanor & Bill Hughes: 10 Jan 58 and on a recent cruise


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