Skylarks Remembered


Bill Badger: 04 July 12

I recall reading in Veritas a request for descriptions of skylarks past. Here is my recollection of the night that the bad boys from 2 squadron decided to flood the parade square.

Phil Hindmarch kindly helped me with my grammar, but not my facts.

I have placed question marks at the end of each sentence of which I do not know the author. I am hoping that people with memories of the incident will turn in themselves or their friends and attach names to these statements.

Embellishment is welcome. Once everybody is in agreement I will send this on to Veritas.

Being too old to worry, if these facts are not correct I will not be upset as long as somebody corrects them.

We can do all this through your website, which might prove entertaining, or people can send me their corrections by e-mail.


Kingston, a dull winter night in the city by the lake. Not on the RMC campus! Not in Fort Haldimand!

The Situation Determiners group, a highly secret, but often disciplined bunch is trying to decide what to do about Saturday morning and the drill parade which always occurs. The weather report calls for snow, sleet, hail and high winds.

“Tonight, it's just plain cold. But the weather tomorrow promises to be miserable. What do you say we provide a little excitement and mess up the parade square? [?]

 “How are we going to do that?”

“Let's see if we can find a snowplow and plow all the snow from roads around here onto the parade square”. [?]

“That would take far too long!”

And now the sage of the group speaks, “Why not flood the parade square?”[?]

The great idea is accepted by all.

 “Who knows where to get a hose?”

“We were on fire duty last fall and we had to pull around a hose wagon. Let's get it and hook the hose up to a hydrant and flood away!” [?]

But how will we prevent WTO Hargraft from putting a stop to our shenanigans? [?]

 “What time does Hargraft go to bed? ”

“He never goes to bed – Saturday morning, is too important for him.” [?]

“Let's get somebody to distract him. Who stays up that late at night? [?]

“Well, the 2nd officer of the day has to stay up that late; he has to take the defaulters parade.”

“Who's on duty tonight?”

“The same guy that's always 2nd officer of the day – Badger.” [?]

“Do you think he can convince Mike not to blow the whistle on us?”

“Well, they're both private schoolboys and Badger can always play the old Good-for-School-Spirit game “Badger is such a smooth talker that he even convinced Coulter's girlfriend that being 2nd officer of the day is so important that she gave him grief for not trying for the position?” [?]

Saturday morning, the weatherman was correct–it is miserable out!

At breakfast, the notice is given that drill will take place as usual but without rifles.

RSM Coggins is on the steps of Mackenzie to greet us. “Well gentlemen, it seems that the weatherman neglected to mention freezing rain, but all is not lost!

It looks like a great day for a route march. Let's see what things look like out on the point. Wing Commander, march them away!”

Off we went and then Coggins decided that we needed more exercise, so around we went again.

Finally we were halted.

“Parade dismissed.”

When we turned to look at each other we realized we could hardly see. Our eyelashes needed deicing! We marched off  and into our dorms still covered with snow, which of course, was melting and messing up the hallways and eventually our rooms.

A great time had been had by all.