Vacation Experiences

Bill Lynn



I have not been keeping you up to date on our vacation experiences, partly perhaps because they have mostly been somewhat mundane.

This past June, however, we spent 18 days on a tour of China, including the Terra Cotta Warriors, the Silk Road by "New Orient Express" train, and several days on the Yangtze river cruise.

This was quite an informative experience for me, having spent only a couple of days in Beijing in 1996 as my previous China experience. It was also somewhat arduous for us mature folks, with hot weather, short sleeps and a number of stair climbing challenges.

As always, my documentation tends towards quantity rather than quality, with the small pickable photos that you dislike, so I will simply give you the link to our family website where our take on the tour is posted:


Rather than re-edit Bill's work, as your typically lazy engineer, I decided to simply post his explanation with its link to his web site. It also exposes the class to Bill's different method of presenting photographs. Whereas I include few pictures in a large format, Bill posts many thumbnails that may be opened to a larger format with a simple click. Although his site asks for a password, it seems to respond if you simply hit "okay". ....  Editor