Vacation Experiences


WIH: 17 Sep 10:

AKR thoughtfully supplied names and I've added them to the photographs below. He also added a name missing in the swimming team photograph in "Newspages".


8th Annual "Day One" Party

Bill Campbell with additional photos by Serge Morin


On 11 Aug 10 the Ottawa area gang had our 8th annual "Day One Party" at Jack Cadieux and Ruth Watson's place in the Gatineau about 45 minutes north of Ottawa. (Day One was actually 11 Sep 53 but a few years ago we moved the celebration to August to take advantage of the lovely weather to enjoy the lake.) Here are some photos I took. I will ask others who were there to send along a few of their favourites to you too and you can select the "vital few" to post on the Class website.
In attendance were: 
Denny Boyle, Bill and Dora Broughton, Jack Cadieux and Ruth Watson, Bill and Muriel Campbell, Don and Joyce Coulter/ Georges Desbarats, Jeep and Jean Fortier, Jake and Leonne Freill, Don Gregory and Mary Rose Gagne, Don Goodwin,Frank and Joan Hlohovsky, Shirley Lowthian
Serge and Margot Morin, Roger Wainwright.

(I realize that this is not a good fit in the "Vacations" folder but there are too many photos for "Newspages". Bill kindly identified some of the names in the photos, but not all, so I have omitted them. I'm not about to guess at the rest, especially the ladies. I must apologize again for the number of photos of Jake. As I commented on our summer training photos, Jake had the habit of getting in front of my camera.  Fortunately, he's a rather photogenic cuss. ED)


Bill and Dora Broughton; Don Goodwin


Joyce Coulter, Jean Fortier, Muriel Campbell


Denny Boyle, Don Coulter


Jack Cadieux, Serge Morin, Don Goodwin


Frank Hlohovsky, Georges Desbarats


Jeep Fortier, Don Coulter


Jack Cadieux


Jack, Bayne Perrin, Muriel Campbell, Bette Perrin


Bill Campbell


Bayne and Bette Perrin, Don Gregory


Jeep, Don, Serge


Margot Campbell (Morin), ?, Joan Hlohovsky




Joyce Coulter