Las Cabos: January, 2006


Mexican Sunrise

After several years of taking our Winter break in Hawaii, with a combination of a condo on the Big Island and a hotel on Oahu, we decided to return to our old habit of Mexico. We had previously visited Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta, Oaxaca, Huatulco and Cozumel, but we opted for the new experience of Las Cabos.

On the advice that San Lucas is a party town whereas San Jose is a quieter environment more suited to retirees, we booked unit #14 at the Mira Vista condo near the South end of the hotel/condo strip along the beach. It was also said that San Jose is a long-established Mission dating back to coming of the Spanish, whereas San Lucas is a recent government creation designed to boost tourism.

Finally, the weather pattern promised a dry climate with slightly cooler temperatures than the Big Island.


Coral sand can have some rough sections but also some very fine sections and, overall, our feet weren't bothered. St Jose faces the Sea of Cortez, whereas San Lucas contains "Land's End" where the Pacific meets the Sea of Cortez. Both regions have many beaches but only a few are safe for swimming.

Vendors were present along the beach but did not press when faced with a "No, gratias". Also, they remained on the public beach and did not enter the hotel or condo properties in the hope of higher sales.

Coral Sand Beach along the Hotel/Condo Strip


"A Wonderful Bird is the Pelican..."

This one was wary but surprisingly tame.

"Hurry up and hatch kid, my back's killing me!"

  This Hummingbird nest was only 7' above the ground


Mexican Restaurant


I thought this picture might have some potential for commercial success with the Corona Brewery, but then I realized that their ads always have a beach in the background.

Our children were aghast at the size of their Mother's Margarita in the picture, but I assured them it was mostly ice.

Not all restaurants are created equal. Spring rolls at the Baan Thai spoiled the last two days of our vacation with the infamous two-step. We had always managed to avoid it on previous visits. Conversely, the "French Riveria" was a delightful creperie.


Living Room Mirror Reflection

I managed to get the beach in this one but it's now dominated by a Margarita that was so large that it came in two glasses. (Yes, we had our TwinRix.)

We did not rent a car while we were there because traffic was heavy, speed laws are not enforced, and you may end up in jail if you have an accident. But bus transportation was frequent and cheap and we roamed as far as San Lucas in the South and Todos Santos on the Pacific coast. Anyone interested in multiple activities such as swimming, surfing, tours, fishing, etc., should probably locate in San Lucas rather than San Jose.

Links: http://www.ownerdirect.com/complex/sanjosedelcabo/miravista/1135.htm   (Mira Vista condos)

           http://www.wunderground.com/global/stations/WMMSD.html     (Weather)