Vacation Experiences


Hawaii; the Big Island & Waikiki, 2008


Hale Kona Kai (Kona home by the sea), the condominium where we stayed in Kailua Kona on the Big Island

When we last vacationed in Kona in '05 we found it a little too warm (84F) and a little too humid for comfort. This time the temperature was typically 80F and the humidity quite tolerable. Our comfort was helped by the condo we rented, a newly renovated unit, well finished and well furnished, a north facing lanai with excellent water views at close quarters. (In a location like this you would not ignore the tsunami sirens.) The location is ideal, within easy walking distance to a farmers' market, stores and restaurants. We've booked it for 4 weeks in '09.


Eleanor in the Thurston Lava Tube

We did the usual tourist things such as hiking a lava tube in Volcano National Park, a tube that has been deemed safe and equipped with lights. We did not explore the unlit sections. Kiluea is still active but the active flow can only be accessed by air. The guest comment book in our condo talked of going there where they found other tourists roasting marshmallows.



There are many birds for the bird watchers. We did not spot the Nene, a variant of some Canada Geese that arrived there a very long time ago, nor did we visit the green turtles on the black sand beaches.



We spent an interesting afternoon of lunch and conversation with a couple who spend 6 months/year at their home in Kona and the other 6 months at their home on Graham Island in the Queen Charlottes. He is a retired fisherman and she is a Haida, born near Skeena.


Huggo's On The Rocks is regarded as one of the two best restaurants In Kailua Kona. We went there for dinner to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary. And, yes, we did share that dessert.


Our condo neighbour watches a cruise ship depart after a day-long visit to Kona in which the passengers were tendered ashore in the absence of a large deep water dock



This young woman was making excellent time in her outrigger canoe. I suspect she was a competitive paddler.