Vacation Experiences


The Big Island of Hawaii

02 Jan - 07 Feb, 2010


We took a slightly longer winter break this year with 5 weeks in a rented condo in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. The weather was predictable with typically 81F by day and just one short shower in a very dry winter. There was more cloud and more VOG (volcanic smog) from the always active Kiluea. We did less driving than in previous years, but still managed a relaxing visit while we cursed the ever-increasing cost of a Hawaiian vacation. (The "Accommodation Tax" is now 12.5% on all rental and hotel stays. When costs rise they just sock it to the tourists rather than reduce what is clearly a bloated work force.)

A stroll on Hapuna Beach


The view from our lanai


NCL's "Pride of America" circles the Islands weekly and anchors in Kona Bay on Wednesdays.


Fresh papaya was a staple for breakfast on the lanai.


Happy hour Mai Tais at the Royal Kona Resort who claim the drink was first made there.


If you're into flowers, Hawaii is a great place to visit.


Before we left the Big Island in 2009 we booked for 2010 but, this year, we did not book for 2011. We'll see. There are a lot of choices for sun, sand and sea that cost less. We may simply return out of habit; we know our way around, where to shop, where to eat, what to see. We're not as adventurous as in the past.