Wheels for Wellness Society


I have only recently become aware of an excellent service by the name of Wheels for Wellness. They are a not-for-profit society who provide door-to-door transportation for patients who must travel more than 75 kilometers for medical appointments. They operate a fleet of vans on Vancouver Island, driven by volunteer drivers. They are funded by corporate sponsors and donations, and donations are tax free. Their costs are 20 cents per passenger per kilometer and arrangements may be made with as little as 24 hours notice.

A few weeks ago, Eleanor used it for the first time. She was picked up at our door at 0520 hours and joined 4 others for the ride to Victoria. She was dropped off at the clinic at 0920 hours for her 0930 appointment. (There had been one pit stop at a coffee shop). When her appointment was finished, the clinic contacted Wheels for Wellness and the van appeared about 20 minutes later. The latter was fortunate, however. She had been warned that she would be picked up by the first available van but there may be delay.

In conversation with the driver, Eleanor learned that "Wheels" had 8 vans on the road that day.

Not only is this an excellent service, it's an excellent example of what can be done by a community. Can you imagine the cost if government provided such a service?