Where We Live

A lot of things have changed since I wrote my first pre-reunion newsletter and mailed it by Canada Post. One of the most remarkable changes has been the development of digital cameras. I think it was Dave Stothers who brought the first one I had ever seen to one of our reunions. It was a boxy Sony with 0.5% Mp resolution and a 2.25" floppy for storage. It had no viewfinder and composing on the LCD was difficult. Of course, I just had to have one and it was the first of many in a long voyage to my present Nikon D90SLR with an array of gyro-stabilized lenses. The effect of digital cameras has been immense. Kodak, an industry icon in the age of film, faded from the scene. The immediate feedback and low incremental cost brought millions to photography for the first time. When I was on the executive of the Campbell River Elder College, our most popular course was "Turning it On"  (the camera, that is, not the photographer). A lot of seniors failed to read the operating manual past "inserting the batteries" and the location of the "On" switch.

In recent days there have been a couple of comments about the lack of new items on the class web site. (My immediate response has been that, considering the median age of our class, no news is good news.) In the past we've had good participation in the Discussion threads and a fair response in Vacation Experiences. I thought we might try a new tack by talking about and showing where we live. It will give the class an opportunity to improve and share their digital photographs, and show the advantages and disadvantages of living in various parts of the country. And, yes, some of us are still moving. (Bill and Marg Lynn must have been granted refugee status for their recent move from Quebec to Toronto.)

When you submit photos for any section of the class web site there are a number of requirements that will make my job much easier.


WIH in the Comox Valley: 13 July 13 (latest)

Clarke Moggridge on Saltspring Island: 31 March 13

Glenn Giddings in Toronto: 01 June 13

Jack Hicks in Picton County: 28 June 13

Al Roberts: near Quebec City; 28 June 13

Clair Woodbury: 28 Oct 13  latest 17 Dec13

E.J.Kearley: 18 Dec 13