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Dear Bill :
Just a short note to give the class some information. On graduation I was awarded the sword of honour,which is a lovely Wilkinson sword,apparently one of the last made by them.In any event it has sat in the corner over the years and just recently my daughter and son in law have restored it to its original shape.Since our 60th is around the corner,I have decided to donate it back to RMC.The RMC museum is delighted so I'll send it on to them in the next few months once the restoration is complete.What is remaining to be done is to up the leather that goes with it. Cheers Lawlor


Dear Bill

Daughter Kathy has probably informed you that I was released from hospital
about a week ago on 6 July, after 11 hours of surgery and  a 5 week post-op
period. It seemed like forever.

I am gaining strength every day, and am enjoying good food for a change. I
have a number of medical appointment follow-ups and tests over the next few
weeks. I'm hoping to get my clearance for driving within the next week or
so, since Kathy goes home on the 26th.

Please accept my thanks for your kind words of encouragement and support
during this very trying period. I also appreciated the messages from our

Best regards,




All in good shape but perhaps a little slower getting up from our chairs than last year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New year to all the class.